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Do you have Stray or Outdoor cats you want to help? 

T-N-R is your answer!

What is TNR?

T= trap         You or a volunteer will use a humane TruCatch trap to catch the cat; you will ALWAYS want 
to make sure to have a plan in place before trapping.

N= neuter  (or spay) The trapped cat is brought to a clinic (like ours) where the cat will be "fixed"
  and given a left ear tip to provide the universal identifier as the outdoor cat being fixed

R= return    After surgery the cats are returned to the original colonies' location where caregivers will
                            continue to provide food and water

Altered Tails Phoenix and Mesa clinics work with the Spay Neuter Hotline, a program of ADLA (Animal Defense League of Arizona).

ADLA can assist with TNR from A to Z!
For beginners and thorough assistance for all your TNR questions -  please contact ADLA. They can walk you through the process, answer your questions, connect you with a local trap depot, and much more!
For help with outdoor cats in these areas CLICK HERE.

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To book a spay/neuter appointment for a community cat directly through Altered Tails - please call or email either clinic directly

You must be experienced in trapping and the TNR process if contacting Altered Tails.
**Currently - TNR appointments are extremely limited and may be booked out for weeks; therefore, please check other clinics for immediate TNR assistance.
Thank you

ADLA nor Altered Tails provides removal/relocation services!

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