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With over 24,000 surgeries every year, low cost/high quality access to care, and more services for outdoor cats than any clinic in the state, Altered Tails works every day to build the community animals and their owners deserve. The community we can build together.

We rely on donations to expand our services, provide urgent care to those at risk, those turned away at other clinics, and those caring for colonies across the valley.

Help us build the community we all deserve.

Access to care

Since beginning our mission, Altered Tails has provided low cost/high quality access to care for over 212,000 animals in our community.  Whether it's subsidizing surgeries for low-income families, free vaccines to combat deadly diseases, or partnering with rescues to save more lives; Altered Tails is here for those who need help. 

Thanks to your support.

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We Are You.

Our team is comprised of veterinarians and veterinary technicians helping their community outside work. We are foster parents, bottle baby feeders, outdoor cat trappers, colony managers, volunteers, and pet parents.

We help you because we are you.


Performing more TNR surgeries than any clinic in the valley, the work with our partners has made a monumental impact in the lives of outdoors cats . with over 9,000 TNR surgeries a year, with a record setting 235 in one day, our work with colony managers is ending the needless suffering of cats in our community. Using donations to subsidize prices, We regularly provide TNR surgery at cost to help more at risk animals.

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Make a difference Today.

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