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ONLINE BOOKING - Surgery Appointment Guidelines

Wanting to book a spay or neuter appointment? You are in the right place!

Please, be sure you and your pet meet these guidelines before clicking "I AGREE" and we will see you soon!​

  • The animal is owned by you. Animals with rescue groups must call the clinics directly -

    • PHOENIX location (602) 943-7729 or

    • MESA location (480) 807-1200

  • The animal is not an outdoor/stray/feral cat. If it is please click HERE to find out more.

  • Your pet must be at least 2 months of age and 2 pounds on the day of surgery.

  • If your pet is between 5 and 8 years old, bloodwork must be scheduled first by calling the clinic directly.

    • PHOENIX location (602) 943-7729 or

    • MESA location (480) 807-1200

  • If you are booking your appointment under a current website special or voucher - please list the information in the NOTES section of your appointment, including the specific special and/or voucher number.

  • A $20 NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required for ALL surgeries.

    • The deposit will be applied towards your total amount due.

    • A non-refundable deposit is still required for all surgeries under a special or voucher. The deposit will be used towards the post operative pain medication.

  • We accept cash and all major credit cards for final payment on the day of your pet's appointment.

  • We do not accept CareCredit at this time.

I want to book my appointment at...


950 W Hatcher Rd, Phoenix 85021

(602) 943-7729

7246 E Main St., Suite 3, Mesa 85207

(480) 807-1200

* By clicking the "I AGREE" button I am certifying that I am intending to schedule a spay or neuter for my owned animal. I certify I am not with a rescue group and this is not an outdoor/stray/feral cat. I acknowledge my pet must be at least 2 months and 2 pounds (or will be by the surgery date. I acknowledge that if my pet is 5 years or older I must call the clinic BEFORE making my surgery appointment to schedule pre-surgical bloodwork. I also understand that if I do not put anything in the NOTES section of the online appointment, it will be assumed I am agreeing to Altered Tails' regular affordable pricing, and may not receive any promotions Altered Tails has available. I understand that my deposit is non-refundable, including if I no-show or cancel within 48 hours.

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