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Patient Requirements:

  • At least 2 months of age and 2 pounds

  • If your animal is 5 years and older, pre-operative blood work is mandatory ($45.00).

  • We do not perform surgeries on animals over 8 years of age.

  • Cats must arrive in a carrier and dogs must be in a carrier or on a leash.

  • Vaccines: Vaccinations are available, at an additional cost, at check-in on the day of your pet's surgery. 
    Please be aware that some vaccinations take up to two weeks to be effective. Though we don’t require your pets to be vaccinated prior to their surgery date, we highly recommend that your pet be up to date on all vaccines before surgery!

  • If you have a MALE dog and cannot feel/see BOTH testicles, you MUST call for your surgery appointment!

Food & Water:

  • If your pet is younger than 4 months they should get a snack on the morning of the procedure, about 1/4 of what they usually get for breakfast to keep their blood sugar up.

  • If your pet is 4 months or older they shouldn't have any more food after 10 p.m. the night before surgery to avoid any vomiting after anesthesia has been administered.

  • Water should be available until the animal is brought in for surgery.

Check – In:

  • Arrival & check-in time is at 7:30a.m. If you arrive late (past 7:30am) your animal may not be sterilized and you may be asked to reschedule your appointment for another date.

  • The Veterinarian will perform a pre-surgical exam on every animal before they are spayed or neutered.

  • If our doctors find anything of concern or out of the ordinary we may postpone their surgery and contact you to address any issues.

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