Pinal County TNR Assistance Program

Thanks to a wonderful supporter, Altered Tails is proud to offer free TNR spay/neuter surgeries to the residents of Pinal County! Whether you manage an cat colony or have unfixed cats in your neighborhood, Altered Tails and our rescue partner is here to help. 

  • This is a sponsored program with a limited amount of spay/neuter surgeries. 

  • Free spay and neuter surgeries can only be applied to outdoor cats residing in Pinal County to meet the requirements of this program.

  • TNR assistance will cover: Basic exam, anesthesia, surgery, mandatory ear tip, and pain medication. The Assistance does not include trapping or transportation assistance. 

  • The surgeries will be performed at the Altered Tails Mesa Clinic, but the program will be administered by a third party rescue partner. All information submitted will be protected, but shared with said third party.

  • Altered Tails and its rescue partner reserves the right to decline or revoke assistance if necessary.

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