Primp Your Pit – $20 for spay/neuter, Rabies and DA2PP in April!


We can’t help but smile!


Spay or Neuter your owned pit bull for just $20 and get a free Rabies and DA2PP vaccination on the day of the surgery!

That’s right:
Altered Tails is fixing pits and pittie mixes during the whole month of April for only $20 thanks to a grant from Petsmart Charities!
There are limited appointments at each clinic, and once they’re gone, THEY’RE GONE!!! The last two years we filled all the spots before the month started, so book right now!
Did you know??
Benefits of getting your pit fixed include:
-your dog will be less likely to roam
-no more litters!
-healthier, longer life
-no more heat cycles for females
-less chance of males marking
-prevents certain types of Cancer!
Book today!!!
Only valid during APRIL 2017.
 Rescue Groups are not eligible for this promotion. The dog must be owned and at least 3 months & 3 pounds on day of surgery. Animals 5 years and older require $40 blood work be done 2 days BEFORE surgery, you must call to schedule the blood work! For the safety of your dog we prefer dogs over 8 years old see a full service vet.